Buy Online Wet Wet Wet - The Journey Blue Cassette (Signed) (Exclusive)

Wet Wet Wet

The Journey Blue Cassette (Signed) (Exclusive)


Release Date: 05/11/2021

Discs: 1

A signed copy of The Journey album on collectible blue coloured cassette. Presented in a cardboard slip case. Exclusive to the Wet Wet Wet Making Music store.

Purchasing this will also provide access to Making Music updates from Wet Wet Wet.

1. Back To Memphis
2. The Conversation
3. Northern Town
4. Silver & Gold
5. Comin' Around
6. Cold Black Coffee Blues
7. If I Don't Have Luv
8. Beautiful Sunshine
9. Losing You
10. In Your Eyes
11. Smile
12. Colours